Writer Thoughts Thursday: Productivity


This week has been absolutely wonderful. I’ve had a chance almost every day to sit down and either write or edit and I couldn’t be happier about it. It goes without saying; being able to get your feelings and thoughts down on paper is a cathartic experience. When I have days (sometimes weeks) where I don’t have time to write, I start to get very upset and am often sad. This entire ordeal with la¬†maison¬†(yes, I found one!) has kept me on the go for several weeks, driving hither and thither to check on inspections and take education courses and sign documents. It’s all well worth it; I’ve just missed my time to myself.

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Writer Thoughts Thursday: Writer’s Block

Writer’s Block.

It’s this feeling magnified by ten thousand.

As well as some of this…


…and lots of this…

21 GIFs To Express Your Rage If Iggy Azalea Wins The Best Rap Album Grammy

That’s almost all that needs to be said.

I’m currently experiencing one of my worst bouts with the evil beast known as Writer’s Block. I have tried time and time again to work on this specific project of mine but find that it’s hard for me to put myself into the scene. No matter the music I listen to (or don’t listen to), no matter the mood I’m in, and no matter how much cleaning I do to try and facilitate some ideas, I just can’t seem to get a grip on what I want to write.

So I’ve made it to that pivotal moment where one has to force themselves to do it and deal with the crappiness of its quality just to get going.

Sometimes, I forget it doesn’t have to be perfect.

First, it needs to be finished. There is always an after event for editing where one can rip the guts out of a book and put everything back together the way it’s meant to be.

This isn’t that time. Sometimes, it is impossible to find inspiration to work on something no matter what you do. Only one thing can be done.

So… here goes. Forcing it. Ugh.


Underwater in Chapter 17…

I’ve been working on chapter 17 of “Aequitas” for the last several hours. I think I can officially say that I have writer’s block. You know how they tell you to keep writing right through it? Well, I’ve tried it. I’m having such a terrible time. The character has just entered an underwater world in the Erebus, a place that few have ever gone. I’m having a tough time describing it because, frankly, I haven’t been in a pool, in the ocean, or in a lake in about two years!

You’re probably sitting there with a shocked expression yelling, “WHAT? Two years? WHAT?” You’d think, “Summer in Maine. There have been a few days where it’s been in the 90’s. A swim is in order.” No, my friends. I find myself so wrapped up with work and writing that I simply haven’t had the time to enjoy a nice swim. But now I’m really wishing that I could… for research purposes.

I spent the night watching videos of scuba divers and underwater documentaries, trying to put myself in their position, trying to imagine all of the feelings and emotions that come with being surrounded by water, of not knowing what might be below or above you, and most of all, about the beauty and terror that can accompany that experience. I’m also having a difficult time translating those feelings toward my character. You see, it doesn’t help that I also have a tiny phobia of being underwater. (I’m 1/2 Portuguese. I’m supposed to love the water! This doesn’t make any sense!)

Although I’ve been having some trouble with this chapter in “Aequitas”, I’ve pretty much decided exactly what is going to happen in Book 4 which will be the continuation of the events that happen in this book. Book 3 I’ve already decided will be a prequel to “Vox”, and it will detail the events that occurred in Seraphim City and how Torrent became mad. I’ve already written about a 1/3 on that book.


However, while checking out some videos on youtube, I came across this absolutely amazing video by OceansBelowKohTao. It depicts bull sharks swimming in Thailand. Brilliant underwater filming and some cool music as well. This definitely helped to inspire me for this chapter. After watching it again, it has actually sparked my inspiration once more. I love it when videos can do that!

Until next time,

Good afternoon and happy writing!