Dressing up, selling books, and slugging lemonade in style!

Good evening! So much has happened since my last post!

I attended the Maine Literary Awards set up by Maine Writers and Publishers Alliance on July 14th. One of my best buds, Celena and I drove down from Camden all the way to Portland. The drive is normally (for me) an hour and a half. I drive like nobody’s business. However, we managed to get caught in traffic twice; once for a car accident (which seems to happen often when I’m trying to get somewhere by a certain time– but not to me of course), and the other for rush hour traffic on the Wiscassett bridge.

We finally made it to the Glickman Library on the University of Southern Maine’s campus. Of course, we were in such a hurry to get inside that I forgot my glasses in the car and had to stumble around the entire event half blind. Still had fun though. Even if I couldn’t see anyone’s faces.

In the elevator, we ran into Avery Yale Kamina from the Portland Press Herald. Coincidentally enough, she is the same person who took my picture at last year’s MWPA 35th anniversary party, with fellow authors, Fran Houston, Andrew Maxcy, and president of Maine Authors Publishing, Jane Karker. Once we got up to the party, she was kind enough to take a picture of Celena and I. We ran into fellow authors Jeff Foltz, Fran Houston, and Carol Willette Bachofner, who was nominated for a literary award in the short fiction category of poetry.

In all, the event was lovely. The awards ceremony was filled with laughter and gratitude. My pearl for the night was being able to listen to Robert Chute talk about his experiences with poetry as he collected an award for distinguished achievement.

The article from the Portland Press Herald can be found here: http://www.pressherald.com/life/audience/all_2011-07-17.html

You can also watch a video of the awards here: http://vimeo.com/26542093

On Sunday, I went down to Borders for my 2nd book signing as part of the Maine Authors Week. I was also sad to learn that Borders will officially be closing its doors. It was wonderful to be able to have the opportunity to get out there and have these book-signings there while it lasted.

I was joined by Carolyn Locke, author of Always This Falling, a collection of poetry. The day was very hot and though it did get busier just as I was leaving at 3, I speculated that there must have been allot of people at the beach that day. It was too nice to be inside. However, I did sell three books. One of my old teachers from middle school, who was on vacation in Maine from Virginia, stopped in and bought a book. I also sold one to one of the Borders employees who had picked it up the other day and had begun reading it.

Not long after the signing, my teacher informed me that she’d spoken to the manager of Owl and Turtle Bookshop in Camden. After much raving about the book, he’d decided to carry it there. I’m excited to say that they now have three signed copies there for sale! Thank you once again, Cindy Reardon, for all the support!

Lastly, today I finished up chapter 13 on book 2. I’m about half way through at the moment. I’m hoping that I can have the entire content written by fall or winter. So far, it’s looking to be a very exciting book and hasn’t turned out at all like I thought it would. I’ve even got a head start on books 3 and 4 now thanks to reusing some content from the earlier drafts.

Well, time to feed Mr. Lemon Jelly and get to work on the next chapter. ‘Til next time, happy writing!



July! So much to do!

Ah, we’ve reached the month of July. This summer in Maine has been quite interesting. We’ve had our fair share of thunderstorms, heatwaves, and temperature plummets.

This month, I’ve got quite a bit going on. Next week on Thursday the 14th is the Maine Literary Awards hosted by Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance. Though my book was not awarded for anything, it will be an exciting event to go to. Fellow Maine Authors Publishing author, Carol Willette Bachofner has been nominated for the Short Works Poetry award. Congratulations!!! She is the author of “Breakfast at the Brass Compass” and “I Write In The Greenhouse”, two books available from Maine Authors Publishing. I’ll be going to the awards to cheer her on and support her as well as to meet and greet several other authors from around Maine. I’m very excited!

The next two nights are my dad’s and my nephew’s birthdays! I’ll be very busy next weekend!

That Sunday is my second book-signing at Borders in South Portland. I’ll be joined by fellow MAP authors, Carolyn Locke, Kevin C. Mills, and Carol Glover. After the signing, Jane Karker, the president of Maine Authors Publishing, will be holding a talk about self-publishing with MAP as well as the cooperative.

In other news, I’ve been working hard to rewrite a good portion of Book 2 of the Monstrum Chronicles, tentatively titled, “Aequitas”. This will be the fourth rewrite of the first ten chapters. This time, I think I’ve finally got it in the place where I want it. I have a goal to get all of the content written by this fall. Then I’ll spend the next few months going through and revising, editing, and putting the final touches on it before getting it ready for publication by spring of 2012. This summer is flying by much faster than I’d expected though. I only hope I’ll be able to keep on target.

I’ve also started writing a novella that will round out at around 100 pages or so. It will be in the vain of Jack Kerouac’s “On the Road” and will hopefully be finished by winter. I got the idea for this from listening to one of Norah Jones’s songs off of her latest album, The Fall. The song is called “It’s Gonna Be”. I took old characters from a story I’d begun writing several years ago and integrated them into this new plot. This will be a general fiction book, not a science-fiction or fantasy. It will also partially take place in Maine.

Well, that is the scoop for this week. Stay tuned for a post about my adventures in Portland!

Until then, good morning and happy writing!