A New Undertaking…

Hello. Yes, I have been woefully absent on the blog yet again due to being crazy busy with work and life and the usual. Unfortunately, I haven’t been working on any new Cooking Adventures, nor any new Inspiration Through Music blogs. I have, however, developed a new idea for a bi-weekly/monthly blog that I think could be quite interesting.

Not too long ago, Amazon released a list of “A 100 Books to Read in a Lifetime”. In that list are several classics such as Orwell’s 1984, Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, and Ellison’s The Invisible Man along with newer classics like Rowling’s Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone, Gillian Flynn’s Gone Girl, and Zusak’s The Book Thief. 

Out of the 100 books on this list, I’ve read 13, and started but didn’t finish 2 others. Several of these are classic novels that are usually required reading in school. I’ve decided to work my way down the list and read the books I haven’t read, including the ones I started to read but didn’t finish. My goal is to finish them, however, if I find that I’m dragging through them, I will probably set them aside and move onto the next book.

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On Being Sick…Again

For some reason, 2016 is really kicking my butt. This is the third time I’ve been sick so far this year. I haven’t been reckless with my eating or drinking, I haven’t been running around outside without a jacket, and I haven’t been spending time among hordes of sickly children. I don’t even like to spend time among hordes of non-sick children. I have, however, been stressed about things; the blog is one of them.

Last year, I took a year off from publishing anything and decided to focus on the Monstrum Chronicles blog more. I posted Literary Cooking Adventures, videos which took anywhere from four to five hours to film, edit, and post; Inspiration Through Music; and Horror-FAIL Fridays… They were fun and I had lots of time to work on them because I wasn’t dedicating myself to trying to finish any lengthy WIP’s. In 2012, my first year doing the blog, I kept up the blog posts AND wrote and released a new book.

This year, it’s been different. I can’t find the same energy I had four years ago to be able to multi-task and do all of those things at once. It, of course, doesn’t help that I’ve been sick and worried about things, one of which is finding a house. But, most of all, it’s that I’ve been finding it hard to find time to write. When I do manage to carve out a minute or two, I realize that it’s also the same day that I was supposed to have written a blog post. Or I get a migraine. Or I’m on the brink of sneezing my entire face off and am exhausted. And usually, I won’t write anything.

Yes, I realize this is a bit of a whiny post and for that, I apologize. I wanted to fill readers in on why there haven’t been many posts this year and to assure you that, once I’ve settled things with the house, am feeling healthy and energized once more, and feel confident that I can keep up with weekly blog posts, I will resume doing so. For now though, I ask that you be patient with me, that you allow me the time I need to get my ducks in a row (what kind of an OCD dingleberry puts ducks in a row anyway?) and stay tuned. I hope I’m able to at least post something once in a while, but I know it won’t be weekly and there might not be any rhyme or reason to it.

Thank you and I hope you are all having a good 2016 so far.


Shout-Out Sunday: A New Blog for 2015


SHOUT-OUT SUNDAY is a blog post meant to highlight other authors/writers and/or their books. I’m all for getting the word out on fledgling writers, especially those that have written engaging and interesting work. These posts will range from book reviews, to Q&A sessions, to guest posts. I’m even happier to feature you if you specialize in horror/sci-fi/fantasy fiction. I will not feature erotica fiction on this blog. If you have an interest in being shown on Shout-Out Sunday, please send an email to info@voxthebook.com. As this is my blog, I do have the right to decide who gets featured and when they are featured. If you have a requested date to line up with a blog tour or for a book release, I will try to make it work but I won’t guarantee it. I’d like to start posting Shout-Out Sunday blogs as soon as February.



2015 and Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes Are Happenin’!


2015 is here and the Monstrum Chronicles Blog is undergoing a Re-Vamp!

Well, I’m about fifteen days late for saying “Happy New Year” but I’m going to say it regardless. “HAPPY NEW YEAR!” It’s been a bit of a rough one for me as I’ve been recovering from a nasty kidney infection. I’m finally getting back into the swing of things and am diving right into my plans for 2015. As some of you may remember, I’ve dedicated 2015 to the pursuit of writing, blogging, and enjoying myself versus struggling to try and publish anything new. I’m standing by that assertion about 85% of the way, ha ha.

I have plans to release a paperback copy of “Memento Mori: Book 3 of the Monstrum Chronicles” which released for Amazon Kindle in December of 2014. I don’t have a release date on that at the moment but I’m hoping it should be out within the first quarter of the year (January-April). In addition to the release of a paperback Book 3, I’m currently working on a short story chronicling the adventures of a minor character from “Memento Mori”. This, too, has no release date but it will only be available as an e-book when it’s finished.

And now, for the blog! I will completely admit that I slacked off majorly during the last quarter of 2014. I was so busy trying to get that book published, and once the holidays set in, it left me with little to no time to write blogs. Therefore, since I have more time to have fun with the blog this year, I’m going to return to some blogs that I’m sure have been missed as well as some new ones…

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Surfacing for Air

So… it’s been a while since I posted anything. Fall always unleashes a creative surge in me that I find it hard to quell. Last year, that creative urge was all about cooking and writing blog posts. This year, I’ve been channeling it into my writing, which has been excellent, but…it leaves you guys wanting. I apologize for that. September has been a month of thought, trying to work out what I’d like to change in order to help benefit my career as an author. Several positive things have happened this year, things that I’m grateful for. I’ve had several book-signings, met some talented and wonderful writers, got a pretty fancy literary nomination, and, in less than two months, I’ll be self-publishing my third book, Night Time, Dotted Line.

But, I haven’t been able to focus on the actual marketing of any of my books and that, as we all know, is kind of important. I’m not going to lie; it’s been tough this year keeping up my self-esteem when it comes to my writing. I’ve constantly felt as though I haven’t had enough time on my hands to get things done and when I do, I am exhausted. I know I’m not the only one who has ever dealt with this feeling; it plagues many other writers or really anyone creative. We want to be able to come home from a long day and relax before we go absolutely bonkers. And, in allowing myself some time to relax, I’ve neglected this blog, for which I feel sorry for.

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What I’ve Been Doing the Last Month…

Hello All,

I have been extremely sporadic with my posts for over a month now. I’m going to tell you why.

I was nominated for a book award at the prestigious Maine Literary Awards. I went to that awards ceremony with some extreme excitement and trepidation. And while I didn’t win that evening (the award went to the extremely talented Joseph Souza), I had lots of fun getting to know several of the other authors that had shown up to the event. The nomination has also granted me the chance to have a guest author blog on the Southern Writers Magazine blog. I’ll be sending that in at the end of this week.

I worked four days at my day job, took one day off to drive up to Unity and watch one of my best friends graduate (congrats again, Sabrina!), then worked another two days, then drove off to New Hampshire for a work clinic and some crazy hiking with one of my other best friends, and then returned to work another three days. While it was all fun, it left me little to no time to get anything done.

I realized that I only had a month to finish writing a manuscript on a story I started back in 2o10! I had given myself the June 1st deadline as a way to knock myself into gear and not be lazy. And while I was a couple days late finishing the manuscript, I’m happy to announce that “Night Time, Dotted Line” my indie dram-edy’s first draft is finally finished. I’ll be spending the summer and beginning of the fall editing, revising, and formatting. Joy, oh, sweet joy.

This brings me to the blog and some changes going on here.

If you didn’t catch my last Inspiration Through Music post, then you’ll have missed the fact that that blog will not be a weekly blog any longer. I have no time to commit to it each week any more but I would still like to keep it as an occasional blog.

The last Cooking Adventure that I did was some time ago… as most of you are aware. May was an absolutely crazy month for me… as I’ve said several times before. I want to make sure we get summer on this blog kicked off the right way and unfortunately, I’m going to have to abandon my last idea for a cooking adventure which I cooked… and don’t remember much of what happened.

As of late, my choices for the cooking blog have been rather bland or boring, things that are much too easy for me to make. It may have something to do with me grappling with financial woes or just not having enough time. But, I don’t want to let down the devoted readers of this particular blog either. That being said, we’re going to see a Cooking Adventures Re-Boot in the month of June. This week, I’ll be making Rice Krispy Treats or attempting to anyway… and next week, I’ll be making a Lemon Pepper Shrimp with Orzo dish to kick off this fantastic summer weather we’ve been having.

Stay tuned for a post this week. And yes, this time, I mean it.


Slacking like a BOSS!

Good afternoon, readers!

Ugh. Last week was a long one. Because I had to work a day I don’t normally work, my schedule has been off. I haven’t had time to get much done it seems like. And I realize that I didn’t post my “Saturday Shout-out” this week. I was actually on a photo-shoot adventure with a couple of friends in which I did find a photo for my third book. So, technically, I was doing work yesterday…

This week, I should have some time to get back into my usual groove and get some things done. As always, I’ll have my Inspiration Through Music post tomorrow and my Cooking Adventures Blog on Thursday. I’m also going to try and swing a special Cooking Co-op Adventure with a friend which should be quite interesting. And, I will have a Shout-Out for next Saturday.

At present, I’m working on content for book 3. I’m in chapter 3 and steadily moving forward. Hopefully, I’ll power through most of the book within the next couple weeks. (I say that… we’ll see how I stick to it.)

Also, in May, “Vox” will be entering Amazon’s KDP program. That means that it will be available exclusively on Amazon and not on any other e-book format. I’m also going to be running a special spring promotion for the series! I haven’t sat down to work out the details for it yet, but, just know it’s in the plans! I also intend to meet with a couple of the libraries in the area to coordinate something for Halloween. These kinds of things have to be worked out months ahead in order to ensure the space is available.

And in other newsy news… My work schedule will be changing soon to include Thursdays. This will undoubtedly affect when I post certain blog categories, namely “Cooking Adventures”. I’d like to figure out someway of keeping them on Thursdays because that seems to be the highest traffic day for people to view them. I’ll keep thinking on it.

Book 2 is still being edited. I forget how much of a timely process this is so my plans to have it ready by spring might not be accurate. At this point, I’m going to retract my release date for it and when I have a better idea of when it will be ready, I’ll post it. In the mean time, I’m looking to get a few short stories published on Kindle this summer that have to do with the Monstrum Chronicles. The characters in each short story feature in Book 2 and are part of the continuity for it. I’ll of course keep you all informed on that!

Well, I suppose I’d better get back to writing. Hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and an even better week!


Shout-Out Saturday: Colliding With The Earth

Good morning, readers!

I’m now beginning another weekly post, “Shout-Out Saturday.” The premise is to select one person who I believe deserves to be recognized for the amazing writing, blogging, photography, or even the amount of crazy work they’ve done! I liked being able to post a few weeks ago about some people who have deserved some recognition for what they’ve done. I’d like to continue to do this though. There are many more people who didn’t get mentioned in that post.

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A New Look!

Good morning!

As you may have noticed, the page has undergone some revisions! I’ve changed the header picture to something else that I felt was spooky as well as altered the background color so that it matched. I’d love some feedback! I admit that I do miss the way it used to look but I felt an update was needed.

Revisions have begun on ‘Aequitas.’ This stage is merely a read through, making slight changes here and there as I see fit. I’m also making lists of significant plot holes that I find. For anyone who has read the first book, you are probably aware that there is allot going on in it. There are several characters names to keep track of and there are several plot threads going on behind the main one. Hopefully some of the unanswered questions from ‘Vox’ will be answered in ‘Aequitas.’ However, because this series is comprised of five books, it will probably take some time to answer the major ones. Book 3, which I’m focusing on right now, will definitely help to enlighten several things that happened in Seraphim City with Torrent.

Book 3, tentatively titled, ‘Memento Mori’, is a prequel to ‘Vox’ and ‘Aequitas.’ It takes place in Seraphim City several months before ‘Vox’ begins. There is a whole new set of main characters as well as a few that you will recognize. And of course, we mustn’t forget Torrent. He plays a key role in Book 3. At present, I have about a hundred pages written on an old draft of ‘Memento Mori.’ However, some of the characters don’t sit right with me and there are a few cliche scenes which need to be cut. I wrote most of this stuff three or four years ago. It will definitely need to be re-vamped… pun intended.

I’ve also started to write a couple of scenes for Book 4, currently untitled. I’ve had some inspiration the last few days listening to ‘A Stranger’ by A Perfect Circle. The song is so eerie (as is most of their music) and it fit the idea I had for the scene perfectly.

I also wanted to get some of those scenes down because there is a vast difference between Memento Mori and the rest of the books in the series. They are all supernatural horror novels but Memento Mori lends itself to more of the urban horror and noir genres. Because it kind of breaks up the series a little,  I didn’t want to lose my momentum on book 4 by waiting. I’m sure it all sounds confusing, but it makes things easier for me.

In addition to the revisions on ‘Aequitas’, I’ve been writing a short story which provides background info on one of the main characters from the book; sort of an ‘origins’ type of thing. It takes place in Nazi-occupied France during WWII. It shouldn’t be too much longer until that is finished. Not sure if I want to publish it separately from ‘Aequitas’ or if I should include it in a collection of other short stories. Would love to hear your thoughts!

Last but certainly not least, I have my first reading coming up this weekend at Slainte Wine Bar and Lounge in Portland, ME. I’m nervous. I’m slightly relieved by the fact that there will be alcohol available and that it may take some of the jitters out of me. However, public speaking has never been my forte. I’m hoping that I don’t stumble over my words! Here is the link for the Facebook event. If you are in the area and have no plans Monday night, please come and have a listen. I’ll be joined by five other fantastic Maine writers. Readings start at 6:30 pm!


Well, there is much work to get done so I’d better snap to it!

Until next time, good morning and happy writing!


Website Changes

Hey all! The website has been given a few impressive changes by Cheryl McKeary from Maine Authors Publishing. You can now access the series trailer from the main page of the website! It’s pretty cool that it’s embedded in there and looks pretty professional. http://monstrumchronicles.com/

There are some changes to the book section as well. I’ve changed the excerpt that was up there from ‘Vox’ and also have added one for the upcoming book ‘Aequitas’ as a sneak peek. Changed the synopsis to a longer one (which just makes more sense), and darkened the background color to grey. The best change is now you can purchase a book through paypal from that page! http://monstrumchronicles.com/books.html

The author page got a make-over as well. I decided that I wasn’t happy with that long rant about myself that I’d written before so now it’s shorter and says the basics about me. At some point, I’ll get my author picture changed, too, but probably not until the second book comes out. http://monstrumchronicles.com/about.html

In other news, I finished up chapter 19 last night. I’m getting to the point where I’m starting to really want to finish this thing. So now that the summer hours at work are done and most of my friends have returned to their crazy college schedules, I’m going to take the opportunity to stay in as much as I can and get stuff done! I’m hoping that if all goes according to plan, I can get this thing wrapped up by, at least Halloween if not before.

Oh and other news. Monday the 22nd, I became one year older. Had a very nice time with my friends and family celebrating my induction into the world of all things 23. Ah, I want to get so much accomplished in the year to come. I don’t want to fry any brain cells either from trying to do too much so we’ll see how I manage to balance things out. 🙂

Other book news? I’ve had tons of ideas for short stories set within The Monstrum Chronicles world. There are things that I wish I could include in the books but just don’t have room for. Two at the moment come to mind. I’m hoping that I can write and publish both short stories in a collection to be released after ‘Aequitas’ comes out. We’ll see what happens.

And last but not least, I’ve been looking at my 3rd book in The Monstrum Chronicles and have been trying to decide what necessary changes need to be made. I’ve got a brilliant character from another abandoned project that I’d like to throw in if I can but I’m not sure how he’ll get along with the others, ha ha. He probably won’t. He’s kind of like that.

This weekend, Maine is supposed to be run over by a hurricane and we might lose power. If that happens, it means writing might not get done. My poor computer’s battery has decided to fail and I must keep it plugged in at all times to work (because I’m too broke to go and buy a new one). So, I may end up writing some things long hand by candle light… just like they used to do so long ago. I wouldn’t mind that, actually. 🙂

Well, I must be off! Until next time, good morning and happy writing!