Writer Thoughts Thursday: The First Draft


Writing the first draft is a wondrous experience for the most part. You have all these ideas swirling around you that you want to incorporate: characters that seem cool, smart, funny, ¬†and sexy; places that will make your readers long to travel there (or stay as far away from it as possible); a plot so Machiavellian, you wonder if you should be examined by a psychologist… The possibilities are limitless.

You know what’s wrong with a first draft though?

The possibilities are…limitless.

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Lemon Jelly Cat-urday

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Relax. Sleep in. Spend an extra minute in the bath, have another cup of coffee, enjoy that book you’ve been wanting to sit down and read… Today is a good day to give yourself a little more time. It could even be the day you sit down and start that book you’ve been wanting to write!