Inspiration Through Music: The Glitch Mob

Good morning, readers!

*Apologies again that I was not able to complete this posting last night.* I was on a writing binge last night. I wrote six new pages on my third book in the Monstrum Chronicles series as well as finished up a section I was adding to Aequitas. I really needed to do that, so thank you for your patience.

I have a vast catalog of action music. A lot of it is techno and orchestral. My list includes some of the greats; The Crystal Method, BT, Moby, Fluke, and of course, the Glitch Mob. I discovered The Glitch Mob while watching America’s Got Talent of all things. There was a group of kids who performed some pretty amazing glow-in-the-dark stunts which made them appear weightless, all the while as The Glitch Mob played in the background. The name of their act was Fighting Gravity. Here is a video to their first performance.

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World War I Era Desserts: A Worthy Workout

COOKING ADVENTURES # 9: Apple Porcupines and Soft Cinnamon Cookies

Ha. Ha ha. Ha ha ha. Ha ha *wheeze* ha *gasp* ha ha *snort*. HAHAHAHAHA! Basically I sound like this right now. I’ve just spent the last two hours in the kitchen, up to my arms in flour, molasses, and marmalade. That side of the apartment is probably 90 degrees. That’s the side of the apartment that never gets hot. The sweet aromas of cinnamon and apple swirl through the air, somehow even strong enough to cover the lovely scent of litter box nearby. I’ve done the dishes four or five times… I’ve lost count. I’ve used almost every single bowl, spoon, pan, and cutting board in my arsenal. I know what you’re expecting. A disaster. An absolute catastrophe. After all, that’s the only reason I could be laughing so hard like a nut job, right? To tell you the truth, I’m still surprised. Both creations turned out the way they were supposed to and taste magnificent.

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