Updates, SON!

My apologies for not having a Cooking Adventure up sooner. It really is due to my dumb decision last week to make a crostata that involves a fruit that is seen even less than the Abominable Snowman. Pluots? Seriously, what was I thinking. Haven’t been able to find any anywhere. So, I’ve decided to change this week’s recipe up and do a grand Chicken and Spinach Lasagna instead! How do you like them apples pluots? Huh? I’ll try to have this up for you folks tomorrow.

In other news, work on Book 3 is going very well! I threw down another 10 pages as of Thursday and hope to get at least another ten done this weekend. Might be a bit tight in between doing the Cooking Adventure and tomorrow’s Inspiration Through Music but…I put myself in that position. So, I’ve got to do it!

Also coming up this week is my presentation at Oceanside High School! Looking forward to that this Wednesday!

Stay tuned for more updates soon!


Posts coming late…

Apologies, guys. While I should have been writing my Inspiration Through Music this week, I ended up writing a ton on Memento Mori: Book 3 of the Monstrum Chronicles, which needed to happen. All kinds of twists and turns ahead for the 5 protagonists in that story and I’m having a fun time making them all connect. Normally, I’d also have a Cooking Adventure up for you this evening as well. However, due to an insufferable migraine, I won’t be keeping that promise. Sorry, folks. I hope to have it up for you tomorrow evening. The Inspiration Through Music won’t be up until Monday as I have a reading/book-signing event on Sunday at the Albert Church Memorial Library in China, ME. I’m looking forward to it very much!

Until then,


Inspiration Through Music: Jaws Soundtrack


My 2nd Shark Week cooking adventure will be up tomorrow. In the mean time, why don’t you kick back and check out this Inspiration Through Music post that I wrote for the Jaws Soundtrack last year.

Originally posted on The Monstrum Chronicles:

Though most recognize Jaws as a terrifying film made by the exceptional Steven Spielberg in 1975, it was first a novel written by Peter Benchley. This man could write! He pinpointed a story that hadn’t been utilized by anyone else at the time, recognized the terror imminent in it, and wrote it wonderfully. The premise: what happens when a shark comes to the town/city you call home and doesn’t go away?

When the book was turned into a motion picture, one of the greatest successes was John Williams score for the film. Out of it, he created one of the most signature pieces of horror music ever using just two notes. The theme from this movie is something that still induces heart-pounding fear, even to those who haven’t seen the film! Along with the shark’s theme, there are several other haunting tracks and adventurous themes reminiscent of old pirate movies…

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Cooking No-Nos

I used to think that my cooking was really bad. There was a point when everything I made seemed to turn out wrong and my “cooking adventures” frequently stemmed from me totally fudging a recipe that was usually easy to do. But then, I happened upon this list from buzzfeed and was reminded that there are more hopeless people out there than I. The cupcake photos just astound me. Apparently common sense doesn’t apply to these people when they start cooking in the kitchen. Check these out!


Didn’t see the latest Cooking Adventure? Scroll down. Much fun awaits.


Behind Schedule

Soooo… I’m depressingly behind schedule. I was supposed to have a Cooking Adventure up for you last week and an Inspiration Through Music up on Monday and neither have been done. I’m going to try and have Cooking Adventures up for you later this evening. And (if a miracle occurs) I may have Inspiration up for you, too. Don’t cross your fingers though. I’ve got to file my taxes… and that might burn out the last portion of my brain working this evening. Stay tuned, folks. Things will return to normal soon.


A Moment of Silence

Tonight, I was planning on posting a Cooking Adventure for you. Had today been an ordinary, run-of-the-mill day I would have. Its all typed up and ready to post. 

Today, however, wasn’t an ordinary day. Instead, it was a horrible one, one of the worst. 

What has happened in Connecticut today has chilled me to the bone. I am so deeply saddened by the news of what happened to those poor children, those poor teachers… 

What’s happened today makes me scared of the human race, of the fact that someone could be so selfish to take away all of those lives, especially at this time of the year, because of their inner pain, whatever it may have been caused by. The fact that this person needed to react violently and to do so towards innocent children, in a place that’s meant to be safe is unspeakably evil.

When I saw the mass of condolences and heartbreak that followed, I was reminded that in times of tragedy, we as people are still stronger together than apart. We can show great empathy and feel broken when someone we don’t even know has been hurt. It reminds me that there is still enough good in the world to at least push back at the evil that has been done.

Tonight, I only wish for a moment of silence for the 26 lives lost today. Prayers be with the families of those slain today. There can never be too many prayers said in the name of lost loved ones.